Owner Programs for Lease and Monthly Properties


At a Glance Comparison of Our Program Choices:

Full Management
Advertise the vacant property
Show the property to prospective tenants
Carefully screen all applicants
Negotiate and execute rental agreements
Collect deposits and fees
Provide tenants with keys and utility account information
Collect monthly rent
Serve tenant notices (late, violation, eviction)
Perform inspections of the property
Receive maintenance calls. A 24 hour emergency number is provided.
Arrange and pay for all repairs and maintenance; remit an itemized monthly income statement with monthly disbursements
File for eviction and attend hearings
Collect keys upon departure
Contract for cleaning services and re-key all locks when necessary
Direct deposit of rent proceeds
Pay utilities, property taxes and home insurance and other recurring expenses if desired
Send a yearly IRS 1099 and income statement

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Tenant Placement Only

One month’s rent.
$250 Activation Fee
Due upon signing a contract with our office.
This amount is applied toward your management fee when a tenant is placed.

Full Management

11% of the monthly rent or a $100 minimum, whichever is greater.
$250 Activation Fee
Due upon signing a contract with our office.
$300 minimum Owner Reserve Fund


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Property Evaluation – $100.00
This service includes a home visit, comparable search and rental advice. This fee will be applied toward your Activation Fee if the home is placed under one of our management programs within 1 month of the initial visit.


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