Application Policy


The first step in renting a property with Gorge Rentals is called the pre-qualification process. In order to pre-qualify for any rental with our company, each person over the age of 18 that will be living in the household must submit the following information as applicable:

  • Complete Rental Application
  • Photo ID
  • Pet Request Form or Service/Assistance Animal Form
  • Housing assistance voucher
  • Income verification documents if self-employed or retired

Make sure the entire application is complete and signed. All parties of the household must turn in their applications together in order to be considered. No fees are paid at this point.

See the full details of our Screening and Selection Criteria.

Property Viewing

Once we have reviewed your application(s) and determined you are pre-qualified to rent with Gorge Rentals, the next step is to schedule a viewing of a rental property.

We strongly recommend that you visit the property before proceeding with the application process. Photos don’t always show the whole picture. What one person thinks is “spacious” or “cozy” or “low maintenance” may not meet your definition of the same. If you cannot be present for a viewing, or don’t have anyone local to view it for you, please contact our office to let us know.

If there are no homes available that fit your needs, we will continue to hold your application for 90 days. At any point during that 90 days you see a home advertised that is of interest to you, contact us to set up a viewing.

Application Process

Once a property is viewed and determined to meet the applicant’s satisfaction, payment of $50 per application will be required to begin the final processing phase. Applications will be processed in the order that payment is received. Rental homes in our area can be in high demand. Taking too long to decide whether or not to rent a property may cause your application to be placed behind another who has already submitted payment.

Once the application fee is paid, the final process of obtaining your credit and background reports, receiving landlord references and verifying employment and income begins. Typically takes anywhere from 3-5 business days to obtain all the information. You will be notified once this process is complete and negotiations will begin for the move in date and costs.

In the event a property is rented to another party, your approved application is valid for 90 days for another qualifying property that may become available.

Call or email ( our Tenant Services department if you have any questions or to submit your application.